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Good News Archives → Month: October 2016

ACORD WARS Episode III: The Real Reason to Provide an Accurate Business Description

October 25, 2016  |  Posted by Julia Polaniecki   

In General Lines, providing a business description on an ACORD form is typically a simple process. But sometimes things can get a little sticky. Here’s an example of good intentions gone wrong: A client owns a shoe store and describes their business as such to their agent. Therefore, the...

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The Tool Agents Are Using to Increase Renewal Retention

October 17, 2016  |  Posted by Julia Polaniecki   

Through the shifting terrain of the Insurance Industry, one thing remains constant; renewals are the heart of the business no matter how you slice it. Sure, bonuses can be earned from new business acquisition, but if more revenue stems from a preexisting book of business, it seems strange that...

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