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3 Reasons Why We Are Your Market for Houses of Worship

February 22, 2017  |  Posted by Francisco Vargas  |  3241 Views


Reason #1:

We have an exclusive AM Best rated admitted property market, Capacity Insurance Company (CIC).

Capacity will consider property accounts with TIV up to $8,000,000. Property enhancement ValuePak also adds outdoor property, sign, glass, water backup and other coverages. Equipment breakdown coverage for air conditioning and mechanicals are also available.

Reason #2:

We have the ability to quote full time school exposure and church vans and buses.

Kim Ball, our Commercial Transportation, Cargo, and Garage Underwriter adds, “A great advantage is that we can write church vans and buses through a separate policy in conjunction with GL – it’s extremely convenient for our agents.”

Reason #3:

We write Pastoral Professional and Abuse/Molestation coverage up to $1,000,000. 

While we won’t typically offer a $1M limit on Abuse/Molestation, we will be happy to provide this option upon request, which differentiates us from many of our direct competitors.

Pastoral Professional is a coverage for religious leaders.

“When a religious leader offers their council, this is considered to be professional advice. However, there may be consequences to this advice. For example, a marriage fails because they took religious guidance to heart. There is a possibility that one party may sue in recourse,” says Angela Baldwin, one of our Commercial Underwriters.

Many companies make it so hard to write any new business with them. It is discouraging, with lots of guidelines – including things like ‘height of steeple’ – three tab shingles – do they want us to get on the roof and measure that steeple or count the number of tabs in the shingles? Most Pastors would not even know this either – it is a deterrent to even try to write with those companies – but NOT Capacity. Writing Church business is unique to the industry, but overall, are usually good risks – so being able to easily write the account is very attractive.

Like the old adage says – ‘Keep It SO Simple’ – and Capacity and MacNeill Group do just that.

– Mel Himes, Mel Himes Insurance 


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