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An Accounting Treat (Not Trick)

October 30, 2018  |  Posted by Julia Polaniecki  |  1659 Views


We’ve listened to your feedback and added a few updates to our Accounting statements that we are confident will help improve the ease of doing business, and eliminate potential challenges with Consumer Bill policies.

One notable highlight is the Consumer Bill section.
This section will only show policies bound but money not yet received. This update will correct any potential miscommunications pertaining to insureds.

Other Updates Include:

  • All totals due are now arranged by Insured name, not policy number. This presents a total due account.
  • A page break will allow for an Agency Bill statement total prior to Consumer Bill notification.
  • Consumer Bill notification will list all policies on Direct Renewal that have been bound and still have an amount due to remain in force.
  • Paid Consumer Bill policies are not listed, as commission is paid as policy payments are received.

Please remember that there is a 60-day Renewal List for your review in MOUS.

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