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Direct Renewal: More money in your pocket…with less work!

July 14, 2017  |  Posted by Francisco Vargas  |  2993 Views

A Brief History:

Direct Renewal was introduced in 2016 as a method to better service our agent partners and shared policyholders while increasing renewal retention. Since its inception, agents who have selected to “Direct Renew” their policies have experienced a 7% increase in policy retention on average!

“MacNeill’s Direct Renewal Program allows us to focus on our most important task – our clients. It allows our staff to write more business and retain the business that we have worked so hard to get.”

 – Jeromy Harding
Agent Vice President, Barrett Harding Insurance, Inc.

Why It Works

When an agent selects “Direct Renewal” on a policy, we send the renewal offer directly to the insured and copy the agent on all communications. No need to collect payments – we’ve got that covered! All you need to do is collect your commission.

Direct Renewal Common Q&A’s

How can payments be received?

Insureds have three payment options:

  • Pay MacNeill Group in full at time of binding using check or credit card
  • Finance their policy with our in-house finance company, Focus Finance
  • Contact their agent for payment

Can a policy stay on Direct Renewal if I send the payment from the agency on the customer’s behalf?

We will gladly receive payments from our agent partners who prefer this collection method.

Can I finance the policy with a company other than Focus Finance?

Absolutely. We are happy to accept payments from outside Finance companies.

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