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7 easy ways to generate a steady stream of prospects

7 easy ways to generate  a steady stream of prospects

Start doing these daily and watch business boom

We tend to think of prospecting as something extra to do when things slow down — like straightening up your desk. The truth is that independent agents with thriving businesses have put in as many as 4 hours a day to get where they are. Prospecting is not just cold calling. It’s a collection of actions you take every day to drum up contacts that bring you business. These 7 tips will help you clear some time every day and focus on actions that make your business flourish.

1. Create a prospecting schedule

Four hours may seem like a big jump if you are doing little or no prospecting right now, so start with 2 hours a day. Make it your day opener from 8 to 10 a.m. or your post-lunch activity from 1 to 3 p.m. Build up to 4 hours a day and watch your pool of prospects brim.

2. Get consistent on social media

You don’t need to post every day on every channel, but do stick to a regular calendar, even if you don’t initially get the response you want. Consistency is vital. Here’s a list of bright ideas to help you generate plenty of engaging posts. Make sure all content pieces end with a clear call to action that states how to contact you and how you can help.

3. Network online

Look around for industry events, groups, forums, associations and conferences related to the businesses you serve. Join associations, meet people, listen, learn. Some of the best sources of new business are the connections you establish with people in the industry, so be respectful, kind and open with everyone you meet.

4. Mix business with pleasure

So many missed sales opportunities happen in day-to-day life. Everyone knows someone who needs the products you sell. Be prepared to talk shop whether at the gym, the bank or the PTA meeting. Prepare questions that make it natural to bring up insurance in conversations. Keep a business card handy and invite people to get in touch any time.

5. Don’t be shy about asking for referrals

When you get a qualified referral, you are pre-sold. Referrals already trust you and become new clients more than 50% of the time. The sales process is a lot shorter and less expensive. No other lead-generation strategy comes close. Create a weekly referral goal and track progress. Try these great tips on how to leverage your network for referrals.

6. Host short webinars

Webinars give you a captive audience of qualified leads and put you in the role of expert. Keep the content useful, relevant and brief. More importantly, use the time to demonstrate that you are likeable, trustworthy, competent, knowledgeable, personable and that you care about clients. Use your warmth, humor, knowledge — whatever you’ve got — and make sure you stay in touch.

7. Use email to mine your existing database

People spend tens of thousands of dollars on marketing every year, but sometimes overlook a big source of potential new business: existing or previous clients. Maybe your business focus has shifted since you last served clients. Maybe their lives or professional circumstances have changed. Use these simple email strategies to stay front of mind.

Prospecting is about being visible, demonstrating your knowledge, encouraging people to connect and letting them know you can help them get the coverage they need for more financial stability, security and peace of mind.

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