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6 tips for an effective website

6 tips for an effective website

Easy fixes that turn your website into a lead generator

Website visitors view an average of 1.3 web pages. That means they land on your home and may or may not navigate around. You don’t have a lot of time to capture their attention, so it’s important that you get your message across fast, direct them to the information you want them to see and get their contact details, so you can begin to engage regularly.

These web fixes should be easy to implement without making structural or technical changes to your existing site. If you don’t have a website yet, go with one that’s mobile-responsive and has a modern look and feel. In any case, these 6 fixes will definitely upgrade the effectiveness of your website.

1. Simplify navigation

The key to a powerful website is not necessarily what it looks like, but what visitors can do when they arrive. Spend some time in the shoes of a potential customer and ask yourself what they need to know. Make it easy for them to navigate to exactly the info you want them to see. Use calls-to-action (CTAs) to move them through your site ― short clickable phrases or buttons that say, “Find out more about me” to direct to your About page or “Here’s how I can help you” that directs to your Services or Products page.

2. Improve your content

Everyone loves a clear, simple, readable website. Start with a strong statement about what you offer and how you deliver services. More detailed content about specific insurance products can go into an everything-you-sell sheet or page that’s easy to find. Break up any walls of content into short, digestible chunks. Kick out anything that is redundant or not essential. Don’t forget to include a clear CTA on every page that tells them exactly how to contact you.

3. Refresh your About page

The About page is the second most visited web page on any site. As an independent agent, your experience, affiliations, accreditations and years in business are all important, but customers want to know why they should choose you as an independent agent. Create a 1-minute video presentation, or just use your words to tell them why you love selling insurance, how you take great care of your clients, what’s different about doing business with you. Here’s some inspiration on the benefits of doing business with an independent agent.

4. Feature plenty of testimonials

What your customers say about you is extremely powerful. In fact, 91% of people read online reviews these days and 84% trust them as much as recommendations from friends! Pepper your website with quotes that highlight different strengths. Need help getting testimonials?

5. Invite them to your social channels

Social media is king when it comes to online networking and building trust. Getting prospects from your website to your social channels gives you a better shot at future sales. You don’t need to be on social media all the time ― just pick a couple of channels, post a bit of starter content and create a plan that positions you as an expert, highlights your products or just engages potential customers. Here are some great ideas to get started.

6. Add a lead capture form

Plenty of people will land on your web and leave no trace. A web form lets you grab and connect with prospects so you can start having conversations that lead to sales. Give them a reason to share their email ― offer a PDF with useful tips on risk reduction for business owners or a no-strings-attached Q & A session that will help them understand what insurance they need. It’s a good idea to create an email strategy first, so you leverage their contact to grow your business.

Want us to feature your testimonial in our marketing materials so you can get some visibility as an active independent agent? We’d love to hear about your experience with MacNeill Group. Send us a message at marketing.department@teamfocusins.com.

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