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7 best practices of successful insurance agents

7 best practices of successful insurance agents

Solid advice from seasoned agents who know how to thrive in the industry

100 top insurance agents were asked to share their keys to success as independent professionals. What came up again and again were not things like “sales savvy” or “unshakeable confidence” but qualities and strategies that any agent can develop and integrate. Here are their pointers.

1. Partnership

This is a truly unique benefit of being an independent agent. Successful agents take the time to understand their customers’ financial vision, personal and professional motivations. This makes them much better risk management partners because they can identify suitable products. Partnering with clients also creates the kind of trust that retains long-term business and high value referrals.

2. Empathy

We’re all in the business of insurance to earn a living, but agents who appear to be driven by the dollar have a much harder time building enduring relationships with customers. Top agents recommend switching to a mindset of genuine care and concern for your customers.

3. Adaptability

Independent agents who thrive over the years are those that willingly adapt to navigate a continually changing world. They move through their career with an entrepreneurial spirit that is always open to new ways of finding customers, new kinds of products and new business strategies.

4. Resilience

There’s a lot that’s challenging about being an independent agent ― bureaucracy, rejection, regulation ― and some days are tougher than others. But top agents stress the importance of not letting a sense of drudgery creep into your interactions with prospects. They stay resilient by viewing everything as an opportunity to learn and grow. It translates to a more positive attitude that makes it easier to get new customers onboard.

5. Wide coverage

Even if your business is niched, successful agents say it’s always a good idea to offer customers a wide range of products that keep them covered. A diverse portfolio of products allows you to continually offer clients products that meet their needs as their personal and professional lives change over time. Want to expand your offering? Become a MacNeill Agent.

6. Expertise

The extent to which you know the products you sell will be evident in your encounters with customers and prospects. The most successful agents take the time to study and learn everything connected to the types of insurance they sell. Positioning yourself as an expert brings more referrals and gives you plenty of material to showcase on social media.

7. Innovation

Taking a fresh approach to insurance differentiates you from other insurance agents in an industry that sometimes has a reputation of being old school. Top agents stay up on trends, are active on social media, they create videos, try to digitalize as much as possible, and stay in regular contact with customers. All this doesn’t just improve your profitability, it also makes your daily work much more exciting.

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