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Why policyholders love independent agents

Why policyholders love independent agents
It’s never been a better moment to highlight the benefits of being an independent agent — on your website, when quoting and in sales conversations. Keep these benefits clear in mind to convey confidence in the many ways that you provide something extra to clients.

Here’s the shortlist of what you bring to clients as a broker:

  • Responsiveness and faster service. Clients may be accustomed to waiting in line for responses and claims processing, so your instant availability and responsiveness demonstrate that you are dependable, efficient and willing to go the extra mile.
  • One-stop shopping. As an independent, you can satisfy all your clients’ insurance needs. Clients don’t have to cobble together a patchwork of policies with different providers. This saves them time — and lets you cross-sell as their needs change over time.
  • Quick, comparative indications. This makes your service extremely appealing, especially for high-value customers. Agents who work with MacNeill get access to our online rating tool that produces indications from multiple carriers in minutes.
  • Better claims processing. Policyholders love a little handholding through the claims process. They may be used to having to follow up themselves, but you can pleasantly surprise them with status updates and contact throughout the claims process.
  • Expertise and partnership. Your ability to explain complex policy language and industry trends in simple terms is a big benefit for clients. It builds trust and keeps them coming to you.
  • Long-term peace of mind. You know your clients and can continually adapt their policies to fit their ever-changing business and life circumstances. And this also means continued revenues for you.
  • You keep clients’ needs in mind. Since you are an independent operator and don’t earn all of your commissions from any particular carrier, your advice and offers are considered unbiased and trustworthy.
  • Clients get more options. You have access to a wide market from which to select what best fits your particular client’s budget and needs. You are not limited to one-size-fits-most options.In addition to our E&S markets, MacNeill gives you access to over 200 exclusive, admitted classes.
  • You’re a local community member. This not only makes you an invested friend and peer, it also speaks to your availability for in-person consultations.

Since these benefits are not necessarily common knowledge to those seeking coverage, it’s a great idea to incorporate them into your web content, social media posts and client conversations. They are what make you shine as an insurance professional.

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