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Simple email wins that keep you front of mind

Simple email wins that keep you front of mind

5 easy email strategies for independent agents

Selling insurance is about serving people during tough times – so it’s really important for independent agents to build rapport with customers and prospects during easier times. These 5 quick wins give you a simple way to turn the email addresses you already have into an active channel for new business, renewals and referrals.

1. Optimize your digital signature

Every email you send is an opportunity to engage and sell – use it! Even transactional mails – like payment reminders, renewal notifications or policy updates – should be treated as an opportunity to engage and grow your business.

  • Include every detail (phone numbers, street address, links to your profiles on LinkedIn, FB, etc.) with a clear call to action that says: “Connect with me.”
  • Add a customer quote or testimonial, a link to a video on your FB page or to the web page where you feature the kinds of insurance you sell.

2. Launch a simple monthly newsletter

All you need is a basic email marketing tool, like Mailchimp, Constant Contact or HubSpot. Pick a template and decide on a few sections that will be easy for you to fill each month: a featured insurance product, a customer-of-the-month section, a quick tip section that gives them a byte of helpful information.

Make sure your content is relevant by keeping a service-minded intention like, for example, educating your audience or keeping them in the loop on product updates. Consistency is key with newsletters, so stick to a schedule from the get-go.

3. Create a lead nurture series

Create an automated series that begins with a welcome as soon as a prospect becomes a new customer. Thank them for having confidence in your ability to be their go-to insurance specialist. Set up a few follow-up emails that demonstrate your expertise and availability, ask for referrals, propose other lines of insurance you sell. Don’t forget to invite them to follow you on your social channels and put them on your newsletter list, too.

4. Automate a welcome email series

Email marketing software lets you configure emails to go out on specific dates, like birthdays, anniversaries, holidays or when a renewal is coming up. These emails build trust, create rapport and keep you front of mind. And since 90% of clients that have been contacted 3 times during the policy period will renew with that agency, it’s a good idea to take advantage of every single opportunity.

5. Set up date-triggered emails

Changing weather patterns, faster snowmelt, increased construction, vulnerable coasts previously storm-hit, more polluted drains and waterways, aging levees — these might not come up in every sales conversation, but it’s useful to have a good grip on the factors responsible for more frequent flooding and wider flood zones.

6. Craft good subject lines

A lot of emails go unopened – the subject line is what gets your email noticed. Think about what it is that makes you open an email. Make it relevant, clear, personal, clever. Read up on email subject line strategies. This can be a lot of fun!

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