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Want faster turnaround time on E&S bind requests?

Want faster turnaround time on E&S bind requests?

This simple checklist speeds up your time-to-bind

As an independent agent, your business thrives on being able to provide the insured with great quotes, fast turnaround times and the right coverage to meet their needs. We want you to count on us for the fastest and best coverage! This simple checklist will greatly improve your relationship with our underwriters, eliminate any back-and-forth that might slow down time-to-bind and minimize potential policy issuance errors.

These 4 points cover everything our underwriters need to swiftly process your requests. When you ensure they get this info – completely and accurately – the approval process is streamlined and you get you your binder a lot faster – that is, within 24 hours on accounts within our authority to bind:

1. Written request to bind coverage, including the effective date and quote terms to be bound.

2. Fully completed, signed application – double checked for accuracy!

3. Any additional documents as requested in the coversheet

a. Completed and signed supplemental application

b. Loss runs

c. Completed and signed TRIA

d. Any other forms required by the carrier

4. If non-admitted, the appropriate Diligent Effort or Surplus Lines forms

That’s it. Plus a big thanks to you – we can only do what we do because of your continued business. We listen to your every suggestion and request and use it to continually improve our processes and service, so we can exceed your expectations. This checklist will help you improve your service to customers. Whether quoting through the MOUS® rater or not, the more you get in the habit of including exactly these items in your requests, the sooner you reap these benefits:

  • Faster turnaround on all bind requests.
  • Minimized policy issuance errors.
  • Excellent relationships with underwriters – which means they can provide you with the best solutions for your customers.
  • A more profitable business for you as independent agent!

MacNeill has been in the business of hard-to-place risks for over 75 years, offering independent agents access to diverse admitted and E&S offerings with top-rated and exclusive carriers that help clients protect their assets — even in the toughest-to-insure markets. We can help agents get comfortable and be successful with E&S placements as we give agents Teams of Producers/Underwriters in Flood, Personal, Commercial and Transportation lines that are ready to help.

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