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Insurance Matters | November 2020

Cyber incidents up 400% with COVID-19

Are your clients protected?

Cyber risks have long been a concern for business owners, but data breaches during COVID-19 have reached alarming levels, making it clear that every company is vulnerable. Now, MacNeill Group offers a comparative admitted and non-admitted super fast cyber option. Here’s what’s happening – and how it affects your clients.

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Sustained business is all about the relationship

6 ways to build customer-centricity into your business

Consumers are more fickle and demanding than ever. They lack loyalty to providers and are increasingly likely to shop around and buy based on price alone. What is needed to combat this trend is a carefully crafted customer relationship strategy that cultivates trust and loyalty and gives customers an outstanding experience so they don’t hesitate to sign, renew – and happily pass you on to their people.

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Renewals are a gold mine

Simple steps to up your profitability year-round

Auto-renews may be quick and easy, but they leave a lot of potential income on the table. Things change fast for policyholders – new risks arise, limits need modification and other kinds of insurance may suddenly become a must-have. Here’s how to go beyond just securing renewals year after year, and, instead, get more value out of each one.

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Tips, Tricks and Tools

Is it time to consider Private Flood for renewals?

Our flood team is working to identify special opportunities for clients who may benefit from Private Flood over NFIP. If you have policies that could be a good fit, a member of our flood team will be in touch via email to provide individual Private Flood quotes for certain upcoming renewals.

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Coming Soon: New HO-3 Option Available in Florida

Available for homeowners with high-value dwellings valued at $1 million and above, this HO-3 product, complete with wind coverage, offers the perfect solution for your mortgage and real-estate referrals — while providing a way to boost your overall sales production for 2020.

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Stay up to date when storms threaten

It’s the time of year when we monitor the tropics very closely. When a storm threatens, be sure to check our storm binding restrictions page for the latest updates. Remember, carriers can put moratoriums on certain markets at any time. So it’s best to quote businesses like contractors before it’s too late.

Storm Activity Binding Restrictions

Upcoming Events

Be on the lookout for an invitation for our upcoming HO-6 online quote training session

NOVEMBER 18, 2020, 10 a.m.
Want to learn more about quoting HO-6 business? Join us for an online training session.


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