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Small businesses. Big opportunities.

Small businesses. Big opportunities.

6 ways independent agents can win more small business clients

Online self-service platforms may make it easier for small business owners to buy online, but nothing beats having a dedicated independent agent who understands your business and knows what you need to stay protected. As an independent agent, you are in a strong position to connect with and offer unique value to small business clients. These tips will help you secure a bigger share of the small business market.

1. Maximize your offering

If you don’t offer all the coverages available to the small business market, you lose money. Customers feel relieved when agents can help them assess their big picture and get everything in order. They will appreciate your ability to address newer risks, like cyber insurance to protect them against costly cyber crimes, which even small businesses are now exposed to. (Want to increase your offering today? Become a MacNeill agent.)

2. Hone your small business expertise

Understanding clients’ and prospects’ industries will point you right to the coverage they need to stay protected. Dive in and get to know everything about the unique aspects of their industries. They will appreciate your specialized knowledge and ability to advocate for them in a world of risk.

3. Build relationships

As an independent agent, you know the struggles and triumphs of small business ownership first hand. Leverage this by making it clear that you have experienced the same and know what clients and prospects face. Build a peer-like trust with them. Have resources for them that ease their small business headaches and be the first person they think to call when they need help with their business issues. Here are 6 ways to build customer relationships.

4. Create an upsell strategy

Whether you are writing new business or processing a renewal, additional coverage or increased limits can always be added to a policy. Do a thorough review of the client’s business by using a checklist and asking questions to make sure they have the right coverage. Keep in mind some real-life examples of claims cases in industries similar to theirs to make the case for coverages that they may not even know they need.

5. Sell flood to everyone

Global weather patterns have become so unpredictable that even small businesses on high ground are now vulnerable year-round. Flood insurance helps small business clients maintain their fragile financial stability and saves them from potential devastation. Try these 7 strategies to sell more flood coverage this year.

6. Be a proactive risk management partner

Too many independent agents just renew as is without engaging in planned, ongoing, structured, risk-based conversations. Get to know the specific risks customers face that might not be covered by their existing policies. Open up risk-based conversations about six months prior to renewal. Demonstrate your ability to be a risk management partner, and they will be open to additional protections you suggest.

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