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Digital sales tips

4 pillars that keep business moving online

Digital marketing can seem daunting — and not everyone has the budget for large-scale efforts. Here are 4 simple things you can do right now to reach a wider audience, connect with new prospects and become the provider your clients love to recommend.

1. Social media. Keep it simple and consistent.

Being on social media is vital to growth. It helps you create a wider presence so prospects easily find you, and it gives you a platform to share knowledge and offers.

It’s not about posting everywhere every day. It’s about consistency, quality and stamina. Pick two channels and post once a week. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are insurance industry winners.

Make content fun, easy to digest and shareable — things get around fast on social media! Friends trust friends when it comes to things like insurance.

  • Create 30-second how-to videos
  • Post news related to risks
  • Highlight offers
  • Repost content from other sources

Don’t worry about the number of likes or followers. Just keep connecting. Respond to comments, ask questions, share what you know. Marketing is about building relationships and trust.

2. Web forms. An easy way to grow your business.

People are spending more time online, so websites definitely matter. Jonathan McDaniel, our Senior Marketing Rep for South Florida says he’s had “more agents allocating funds to online search engine optimization,” and he’s also been hearing about an “increase in mailers to get people to the agent’s website.”

But plenty of people will land on your website never to leave a trace. The best way to grab and connect with prospects so you can start a conversation that converts to sales is to add a lead capture form.

To ensure they sign up and give you their email address, offer a hook: a free quote, weekly insider tips, a no-strings-attached Q & A session or a PDF on a topic that will definitely interest them.

Once you have their email address, don’t over-visit their inbox. Just find a way to communicate that’s helpful and personal, so you build trust.

3. Videos. The king of online presence.

Video content is more popular by the day. People like being talked to. And when it comes to insurance sales, prospects trust you more if they can see you.

Keep videos short and sweet. Just make a personal connection and demonstrate your knowledge and availability to connect. Nothing fancy.

  • Create short how-to videos
  • Jump on and talk about an insurance-related trend
  • Feature a client sharing a testimonial

Anything goes with video. The idea is to just put a face with your name, share knowledge and connect.

4. CRM. The right offer at the right time.

A simple customer relationship management (CRM) tool gives you a wide overview of all your contacts so you can manage them more efficiently and upsell or nurture fresh leads into clients.

Insurance is a specialized product. A CRM will let you evaluate your prospects’ behavior so you can contact them at the right time with the right advice or product.

Whatever you decide to do, the best advice for marketing on a small budget in a remote environment is to keep it simple, personal and consistent.

We’re here when you need us.

Of course, MacNeill Group® is here to help with your insurance placement needs so you can grow your business. Remember, the MOUSTM instant quote service is available 24/7 to give you an indication of rates and potential placement options from multiple carriers. That allows you to respond quickly to clients. If you need help with new business, contact your MacNeill marketing representative today.

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