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How top agents use surveys to drive business

Find out what customers want and use it to grow a profitable business

As an independent agent, you have the freedom to continually adapt your offering and service to satisfy the needs of clients, and a satisfied client is a profitable client — one that brings you long-term business and referrals. Surveys are the best way to understand how to build your business to meet customer needs head on. Here’s how to do it right.

Pick a survey tool

Survey tools are very flexible and easy to use these days ― even free versions have plenty of functionality. Most offer templates, email notifications and real-time graphs and charts. You can get an overview of all answers to a single question or drill down into individual responses. Survey Monkey, Typeform and Google Forms are just a few.

Keep it simple

Under 10 questions is ideal. It shows you respect their time ― you’re also much more likely to get responses with a quick survey. Use a mix of multiple choice, yes/no, open-ended and rating scale questions to keep things interesting.

Welcome anonymous responses

This allows customers to be completely honest. You can make “name” and “email” optional. Customers who give you positive responses might want you to know who they are ― some may even be open to you following up via email ― so you can get a testimonial, for example! (Here are more ideas on how to get customer testimonials.)

Ask the right questions

Your questions should elicit the information you need to get insight into their needs, wants, likes ― and even dislikes. They should be clear and specific. Here are 10 sample questions:

  1. Your email (100% optional — you are welcome to respond anonymously!)
  2. Why did you initially choose me as your agent? (optional, open-ended)
  3. How happy are you with my service overall (mandatory, rating scale)
  4. Do you feel like I give you all the information you need about the kind(s) of insurance you have? (mandatory, open-ended)
  5. What is one thing you would love me to do better? Please feel free to be honest — it will help me improve! (optional, open-ended)
  6. How do you generally prefer to connect? (mandatory, multiple choice: email, SMS, Whatsapp, phone call, other)
  7. How likely are you to refer people to me? (mandatory, rating scale)
  8. Why would you (or would you not) refer me? (optional, open-ended)
  9. Anything else you’d like to say? (optional, open-ended)
  10. What’s your current favorite [food, song, series]? 😊 (optional, open-ended)

Nail the email intro

This is where you encourage clients to respond to your survey. Be enthusiastic and make it clear that you are doing this to improve, to provide better service, to understand their needs. You can even give the survey a name like “Client happiness survey” to drive this point home.

Do I need an incentive?

It depends how hungry you are for customer feedback! If you have good relationships with clients, an email should be enough to get their response. Some agents get creative with incentives and do things like inviting respondents to enter a raffle for a free breakfast at Starbucks.

Make it personal

Whether you send out your survey link individually or to a list, be sure make it sound like it’s a personal mail sent right to them. It makes a difference! Surveys are a great addition to your overall email marketing strategy.

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