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Building strong communities by giving back

Focus Foundation, our charitable organization, helps those in need

Since 2006, Focus Foundation has been the cornerstone of our commitment to the communities we serve. It provides our team members with a means to volunteer, donate and contribute their time and talent to valuable community programs that support education, feeding the hungry, rebuilding housing for seniors and various homeless outreach efforts. During the pandemic, the Foundation stepped up in an innovative way.

In recent weeks, we’ve been honored to simultaneously support small businesses by partnering with some of our local caterers to provide real help to those in need across the communities we serve. Here are just some of the ways Focus Foundation helped:

May 15: The Foundation provided full meals prepared by Simply a Perfect Party to the Broward Outreach Center to feed 100 hungry/homeless families.

May 21: The Foundation delivered hot meals for 300 hungry or homeless people in Ft. Lauderdale from Adam & Joe Know Lunch through Hope South Florida

Our team is also working closely with the following organizations to assist those in need in our community:

  • WECARE to help fund short-term assistance to those who are experiencing significant financial hardship
  • LifeNet4Families to help provide food and nutrition for people in Broward County who are homeless or living in poverty

Building strong communities and helping those in need is woven into the fabric of our culture. For more information about the community work of Focus Foundation, visit our Focus Foundation.

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