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Why Networking in Insurance Marketing is Great for Business Growth

August 13, 2018  |  Posted by Julia Polaniecki  |  800 Views


Insurance Marketers – when is the last time you were really, truly inspired to try something new to grow your business?
This question might be difficult to answer, and that makes sense. In insurance, many of us wear many hats, which makes it easy to get caught up in monthly processes, reports, and paperwork – leaving us with little time for creating original content that may add value to our client relationships.

And if your answer to the question is, “all the time,” great work! Experimenting with new ideas is terrific and will eventually pay off if you stay consistent. However, learning in advance will determine what is effective and what isn’t, and the best way to do this is through other insurance marketers.

One of our company partners recently shared their marketing story:
In their search for innovative ideas, every year their team attended marketing and communications conferences sponsored by large CRM’s, applicable to all businesses (email marketing, direct marketing, analytics, etc.), but failed to meet new goals in the way they had anticipated.

The reason is that Marketing for Insurance is just different. You probably didn’t need us to tell you that – anyone who argues that marketing for insurance is the same as marketing a pair of designer shoes clearly hasn’t tried pushing general liability through snail mail.

The trick is in finding your people.
Staying in your lane and finding others who are finding success doing the same is undeniably valuable. You can seek refuge in knowing that the struggles are not always unique to your experience.

This, in many cases, is the first step to overcoming the road blocks and collaborating your way to inspiration and growth in our niche field.

Start by getting focused.
Take the time daily, monthly, or in some cases, annually to regroup and refresh your marketing strategies. MacNeill Group’s marketers attend the annual IMCA Conference (next June in Minneapolis) to plant innovative ideas and creatively drive new business.

Learning the marketing strategies our partners and competitors have implemented helps us to refocus our energies in the right places, and connects us to great resources, vendors, and most importantly, mentors.

Because we carved out the time to connect and regroup, we are able to look at our own products and services with fresh eyes and have even used new insights to develop an online user experience that is more advanced than ever before (MOUS).

We suggest that our agents get involved with the IMCA and attend next year’s conference. It is packed with information, new tools, and strategies that apply directly to our field. If not the IMCA, joining any marketing network, whether in the insurance industry or not, can be a groundbreaking investment for your agency’s growth.

If you or your marketing team need to regroup, refresh, or brainstorm, MacNeill Group is your ally. Contact our Marketing Team at (800) 432. 3072 Option 5 or email

We look forward to growing with you!

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