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November 9, 2016  |  Posted by Julia Polaniecki   

The most desirable outcome for any agent is to have the ability to master their own destiny, especially when focusing on new business. Most people believe that their actions have a direct impact on their success or failure, although sometimes this simply isn’t the case, which can be...

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ACORD WARS Episode III: The Real Reason to Provide an Accurate Business Description

October 25, 2016  |  Posted by Julia Polaniecki   

In General Lines, providing a business description on an ACORD form is typically a simple process. But sometimes things can get a little sticky. Here’s an example of good intentions gone wrong: A client owns a shoe store and describes their business as such to their agent. Therefore, the...

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The Tool Agents Are Using to Increase Renewal Retention

October 17, 2016  |  Posted by Julia Polaniecki   

Through the shifting terrain of the Insurance Industry, one thing remains constant; renewals are the heart of the business no matter how you slice it. Sure, bonuses can be earned from new business acquisition, but if more revenue stems from a preexisting book of business, it seems strange that...

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Why Insured’s Bind Behaviors are Driving the Evolution of the Industry

September 21, 2016  |  Posted by Julia Polaniecki   

The numbers have spoken. The millennial generation is now comprised of about 76 million people, the largest living age group on the planet. Most industries have wised up to the fact that millennial buying behaviors strongly oppose the ideologies from generations past, except for the insurance...

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September 21, 2016  |  Posted by Julia Polaniecki   

In the history of the ACORD form, there are unique reasons that certain elements may not be required for an agent to receive a quote. Some articles of information are secondary to others. This is where things get interesting. Because agents and underwriters have a symbiotic relationship, when one...

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