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Thank you for your business! MacNeill Group® has a number of partners with different billing plans. Regardless of billing type, agencies are responsible for collecting all premiums for any policy bound with MacNeill.

Billing types:

  • Agency-billed: If your invoice has a commission line item on it, it is agency-billed, meaning MacNeill bills the agency, and the agency submits payment directly to MacNeill less their commission. It is the agent’s responsibility to collect payment from the policyholder. (NOTE: If a policyholder pays an agency-billed invoice directly to MacNeill, they must pay the gross amount. Then MacNeill will pay the agency’s commission.)
  • Consumer-billed: If your MacNeill invoice does not have a commission line item, it is consumer-billed (MacNeill bills the policyholder directly). The policyholder pays MacNeill the full premium due, then MacNeill pays the agency’s commission.
  • Direct pay: A MacNeill insurance carrier or MGA partner directly bills the policyholder and the policyholder sends payment directly to the MacNeill insurance carrier or MGA partner. No payments are sent to the agency or MacNeill. These invoices will likely not have a MacNeill logo on them.

Select your partner below to make a payment:

MacNeill Group

Pay your premium by bank payment or credit/debit card.*

MacNeill Group automated accounting process

Policies that have not been paid will automatically receive a cancellation notice based on the invoice for the account, which is sent with each new binder. Be aware that the invoice on each account sets the timeline for when payment is due. It’s not set by monthly statement.

Pay MacNeill Group

Or, pay your MacNeill Group Exclusive HO-6 premium.†

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For more information about MacNeill Group’s payment schedules, download our Billing Plan Guide.

*MacNeill Group’s payment gateway vendor charges a flat-rate fee of $1.50 for using your bank account and a 3.25% service fee for credit/debit cards.

Exclusive HO-6 premiums are paid through Spinnaker Insurance.

Focus Finance

Pay your monthly payment.

Pay Focus Finance

Wright Flood

Pay your NFIP premium.

Pay Wright Flood