Build customer satisfaction around the claims process

Build customer satisfaction around the claims process

Whether or not they file a claim – you improve retention

The way you lead customers through claims directly impacts their perception of you as an agent. Even if they never file a claim, just knowing you have their back improves their experience as your customer. Here are some ways to use claims communications to build customer trust and improve the end-to-end experience of doing business with you.

Provide emotional support

A little bit of empathy goes a long way when your customer is dealing with loss. Don’t leave it to claims adjusters to be empathetic. They don’t tend to have the bandwidth for it. They also don’t have an ongoing relationship with your client. Step in and listen to your clients. Absorb any complaints they might have. This kind of care ranks very high when it comes to customer retention and future business.

Help keep things moving

Sometimes customers slow down their own claims process without knowing it. Stay in touch and remind them that the more swiftly they provide adjusters with the necessary paperwork or information, the sooner the claim will be settled. You can build this right into your claims process email flow.

Be kind to adjusters

Customers can get frustrated during the claims process. It’s natural to want to support them, but it’s not always a good idea to relay customer complaints to them. Things can backfire, so it works in your favor to be patient and kind with adjusters. If they feel appreciated, they may even work harder to get your customers what they want.

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