Hurricane season sales kickoff

Hurricane season sales kickoff

5 easy strategies to boost business this storm season

This month kicks off another hurricane season, and storms are bigger and meaner than ever. These simple strategies will help you leverage your knowledge so you can write a lot more flood policies this year and help your clients protect what matters most – their homes, businesses and families.

1. Know the benefits of private flood over NFIP

Did you know that less than 5% of primary residential flood policies in the U.S. are private? FEMA and NFIP have traditionally held the flood coverage space, but every year more and more policyholders are turning to private. As an independent agent, you are in a great position to win over clients who haven’t previously thought much about flood. Start by understanding the differences between NFIP and private coverage so you can have more informed and successful conversations with existing and potential customers.

2. Include flood with every single new quote

Clients you are having sales conversations with are in the risk management mindset and focused on protecting their assets. Flood is a sensible addition to any package. And customers are likely to respond positively to seeing it alongside their other coverage, since flood tends to be less expensive than other kinds of insurance. The average cost of an annual flood policy in Florida is $145 less than the national average. Get great rates for your customers – get appointed with MacNeill.

3. Perfect your flood coverage pitch

Flood coverage can be difficult for customers and prospects to understand. There are a lot of common misconceptions that create obstacles to flood policy sales. Honing your knowledge of flood risks and coverages makes for more frictionless sales conversations with existing customers and prospects. Start by preparing your responses to common flood misconceptions so you can handle any potential arguments with grace.

4. Become an expert – specialize in flood

It can take a while to position yourself as an expert in an insurance niche, but now is the perfect moment to get traction as an expert in flood, with news and social channels abuzz with storm season predictions. Use social media, your website or channel to show what you know and spark the conversation about weather, storm preparedness, flood myths, climate realities or different types of flood coverage. Here are some bright ideas for social media if you need help getting started.

5. Talk to customers who don’t live in flood zones

Water is creeping further and further inland. Existing customers whose properties are outside of designated flood zones may not have asked you about flood coverage, but now is the moment to open up that conversation. They already trust you as their risk management partner, so get in touch to propose solutions to protect them, their assets, businesses and families. Making the case for flood insurance has really never been easier.

MacNeill has outstanding flood service and a wide array of flood options including Commercial, NFIP, Private and Excess. Send requests to or try a Private Flood quote with the MOUS® rater.

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