Video Marketing Made Easy

Video marketing made easy

Creative sales tools – all you need is a cell phone

Video marketing is an easy (and cheap) way to get a lot more business as an independent agent. It shows people who you are, what you sell and how you can help them. Video makes you transparent, trustworthy and accessible – three qualities every prospect wants in an independent agent. You don’t need specialized skills or equipment – just a phone camera. Here are some great ways to get started.

Too many independent agents dismiss video because they think they don’t have the right skills or equipment. But videos like these need not be perfect or polished. In fact, it is authenticity – not perfection – that convinces people you are trustworthy, caring and knowledgeable. Amateur videos are often more popular since they are considered more authentic.

Welcome videos for new customers

Sending clients a welcome video just after their policy is issued is a quick win. It makes them much more likely to refer you to others, to rate your service quality as high and to renew with you in the future. It’s all in the details! Keep it short and simple. Just express some warmth, let them know you appreciate their trust and tell them how get a hold of you.

Personalized videos for prospects

This is a great way to improve the response rate of quotes you send by email. Sending a video makes you memorable! They will appreciate that you took the time. Jump on your phone or computer webcam and just use the same script you’d send in a written email. You can personalize it to fit what you know about them. Need more products to sell to prospects? Get appointed with MacNeill.

Customer testimonial videos

Over 50% of top agents use video testimonials. Not every customer will want to do one, but you definitely have some that are happy about your service and not at all camera shy. Ask them specific questions that may counter the objections of future prospects. Ask them why they chose you over a bigger agency. Propose a few questions that highlight different aspects of your service.

Local business interviews

Everyone loves free promotion, so businesses will welcome a quick interview. Ask a small business owner about their company or industry. What makes them unique at what they do? What do they love about their work? They may come to you for their future insurance needs. They are also well connected so they may pass you on to their clients. Be sure to include their website when you post it so they get business, too.

Quick FAQ videos

Thousands of people are Googling the same questions about insurance every single day. You probably know the answers to all of them. If someone Googles a question that matches the title of your YouTube video, you get an audience. And if they like your response (and see a link to your website) you’ve got a new prospect.

Whether you post your videos on YouTube, Facebook or LinkedIn, be sure to include the info prospects need to get a hold of you, along with an engaging call to action that invites them to get in touch any time with questions they might have about the products you sell.

Before you get more visibility with video, make sure you have the widest range of products to offer. While you’re here, visit the “Become a MacNeill Agent” page to get started – we’d be happy to welcome you aboard! MacNeill gives agents access to top-rated and exclusive carriers, expert teams of underwriters/producers and innovative tech tools that help you be successful with E&S placements.

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