8 ways to leverage new customers for more business

8 ways to leverage new customers for more business

Follow-up strategies that boost referrals, renewals and cross-sells

Agents who simply send a thank you to new clients and leave it until renewal time to reconnect are leaving a whole lot of potential business on the table. There are so many easy ways to generate new business after the sale. Creating follow-up emails is one of the best ways to build your business. Write a template for each one of these strategies — but be sure to tailor the text slightly so your client feels that personal touch.

1. Follow up on paperwork sent

Confirm your new client has received any paperwork sent by postal mail. Making sure they have received and understand what you sent shows that you care about them beyond the sale, that you’re on top of things and that you are helpful, reliable and available.

2. Clearly explain the claims process

This is exactly why they bought insurance, so taking the time to spell out the end-to-end process is a big value add. They will remember your effort to make their life easier. You can also use the info to create an info sheet that you send out to clients in the event they need to file a claim.

3. Ask for social media follows

Your social media accounts will need to be rolling first, of course. (Need help? Try these 8 ideas for social media content.) Don’t just ask for the follow — let them know exactly what kind of content you post and how they will benefit.

4. Send a purchasing experience survey

This has so many benefits. It shows them that you care (which helps retention), it allows you to learn exactly where you need improve to win more sales, and it also lets you get to know them better. You can add additional questions about needs or preferences they might have.

5. Invite them to your newsletter

A newsletter is a great way to demonstrate your expertise, ask for referrals and promote products. Having a regular newsletter shows clients you are professional and knowledgeable. Don’t have one yet? Just select content to send out each month — a featured insurance product, a customer-of-the-month section, a quick tip, a Q&A — and throw it in a MailChimp template. Keep it simple but consistent.

6. Ask for referrals

Don’t be shy. If they’ve just bought from you, it means they like and trust you. And it’s so much easier for people to give us a hand with something when we clearly state what it is we need and how they can help. Asking for referrals generates referrals! Here are some great tips on maximizing referrals.

7. Warm them up for the annual policy review

That’s right. Warm them up — and well ahead of time. Express the benefits of reviewing their coverages. Present it as an opportunity to talk about changes in your client’s life or in the market. Calling them out of the blue and suggesting a policy review may come across as salesy. You are intending to sell, of course, but setting it up like this softens the sell. It will be much easier to schedule a review afterwards.

8. Ask for online reviews

Did you know that 43% of 25–40 year olds learned about their insurance agent through online reviews? Reviews get you wider online visibility. They also sell you on autopilot — without you having to lift a finger. Send new customers direct links the most important review sites and explain how it will help your business.

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