Want more visibility and sales?

Want more visibility and sales?

Create an everything-you-sell sheet. Here’s how.

Sell sheets make a great impression — they establish you as professional, showcase your knowledge, put everything you offer in plain sight and express the benefits of your products and services. A sell sheet effortlessly boosts referrals, plants the seeds for future cross-sells and keeps you front of mind. It’s not just about presenting the full scope of what you offer — it’s also about making a personal connection with potential clients, highlighting your service quality, your expertise, your availability and your genuine care. Here’s how to put one together in just a couple of days.

Create an appealing design

If you sell a lot of products, a single-page, double-sided document will work. Canva is a great free design tool that lets non-designers easily produce professional looking marketing collateral. Use a digital version to send in emails or make downloadable from your website. Keep a stack of printed sell sheets to go over in meetings with clients. Invite existing customers to share them with friends, family and colleagues who might be interested.

Showcase yourself and your services

Make your intro a personal connection with prospects. Tell them why you love being in the insurance industry and how much you enjoy your clients. Throw in a few testimonials on the page if you can. Point to strengths like reliability, availability, knowledge or specialization in certain lines of insurance. Independent agents can really work this angle. Here’s a quick reminder of all the reasons customers love independent agents.

State the benefits of your products

The meat of the sell sheet is a presentation of your products and their benefits. Make it easy to understand at a glance and keep the details for the great sales conversations this sheet will inspire. You can select star products to highlight on one side and just bullet out the rest on the other side. Be sure to establish the clear benefit of buying your star products and why they are worth your prospects’ time and money.

Speak to potential objections

Take some time to think about the best way to get in front of common objections to different kinds of insurance — use the benefits as arguments. Dig around for some statistics that drive home the benefits. Anticipating and speaking to potential clients’ objections makes them feel seen and heard. It also builds trust.

Shop around

Have a look around at out how other insurers — agencies, carriers, independent agents — are presenting different kinds of coverage. How do they describe each product? What benefits do they mention? How can you present things in an even more compelling way?

Make targeted versions

This helps you speak right to your specific audiences. A general sell sheet is a good start, but creating audience-specific versions lets you focus in on different types of insurance for different customer risks. You can present a single product or even a subset of complementary products.

Include a clear and inviting call-to-action

So important! What do you want them to do after reading? Invite them to connect with you and ask you anything — zero strings attached. 80% of customers want their insurance agents to help them understand insurance — so make it clear that you are there to present things clearly and answer their questions. Older prospects may prefer to give you a call, younger ones may use your email or just follow you on Facebook to see if they like your style, so make sure all your contact details are clear.

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