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Independent agent customer growth + retention checklist

Independent agent customer growth + retention checklist

Navigate challenging market conditions with strategies that keep you growing

Independent agents have shown tremendous resiliency during this time of Covid-19, pivoting to meet customer expectations head on. This checklist is based on conversations with successful agents and research on current customer attitudes, wants and needs. Taking these actions will help you build your business and sell plenty of new products in the months ahead.

Stay in front of trends

Covid-19 showed everyone that life-changing events can happen at any time. Independent agents who pay close attention to emerging risks — like extreme weather patterns, cyber risks and other global trends — earn customer trust. Demonstrate your knowledge of these trends in conversations with customers and prospects to effectively sell or cross-sell. Use what you know to generate leads and establish yourself as a trusted authority on social media.

Use technology to improve service

In this age of urgency and speed, online quoting tools can scoop up a lot of your potential customers. Independent agents who have access to digital tools that speed up customer response times can provide better service. MacNeill’s MOUS® rater gives you broad visibility of the market and fast price comparisons so you stay competitive.

Offer wider coverage

Independent agents are in an excellent position to win over clients who use multiple carriers. Writing the total account for customers saves them time and eliminates the headache of managing multiple accounts. Agents who offer wide coverage can confidently engage with customers and prospects to discuss business and life changes and assess their evolving insurance needs. (Want to increase your offering today? Become a MacNeill agent.)

Make your offering clear

One of the most important benefits of being an independent agent is that you have access to a wide range of products that satisfy different client needs. Make sure clients and prospects are aware of the full scope of coverages you offer! Dedicate a page of your website to the products you offer or create an everything-you-sell sheet.

Capture more emails

Putting an email capture form on your website can give you a healthy pipeline of potential customers. People are spending a lot more time online, so websites definitely matter. If they stumble upon yours, don’t miss the opportunity to capture their email so you can engage and demonstrate the benefits of working with an independent agent. Offer them a reason to give you their email — a no-strings-attached Q&A session or a weekly update on insurance trends.

Use the emails you already have

Agents who use email to engage regularly with prospects and existing clients are much more successful longterm. People are looking for connection more than ever. They appreciate thoughtful contact, helpful information and knowing that someone is thinking about their business and personal needs. Show them you care and that you are available by implementing simple email marketing strategies that keep you front of mind and engaged.

Stay active on social

If you are not on at least one channel regularly, you’re probably thinking, “I know, I know, I need to get my social media act together!” But don’t overthink it — a social media strategy doesn’t need be elaborate or take hours to implement. Keep it simple and doable for you. Here are some tips to get you going and keep you consistent: 8 bright ideas for social media.

Want to expand your offering? Stay in front of trends by looking at our Seasonal Hot Markets monthly email. Remember, you can offer wider coverage when you partner with MacNeill Group. We can help with multiple lines of business.

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