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What This Insurance Agency Did to Triple Their Business

May 13, 2016  |  Posted by Francisco Vargas  |  3358 Views


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One of our MacNeill underwriters recently shared an incredible success story with us. Sometimes, we wonder how some companies seem to consistently bring in new leads with little to no work involved…which brings us to Earnie Cornelius Insurance. They were perplexed by the same question not too long ago. They didn’t know how to garner enough new leads on their own, and lacked the resources to stay afloat for the long term.

In order to leap over this hurdle, they began to explore different options including the wide world of web design. Cornelius knew that in order to garner enough new leads at the rate necessary for business retention, what they needed was obvious - a better website. They decided to address their site’s current lack of structure and start fresh, incorporating a unique and easy to follow system with smooth transitions and a call to action.

According to, Cornelius was “determined to grow his agency by at least 20 percent a year,” but how they achieved this goal should make every agency’s ears perk.

Ultimately they decided on a template from Insurance Website Builders, also known as ITC (Insurance Technologies Corporation), “a leading provider of marketing, rating and management software services to the insurance industry, including independent agents and insurance carriers,” according to You can choose from flexible templates and plan options for delivery in as early as 10 business days.

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Once Cornelius signed up for ITC’s advanced SEO service, the leads began streaming in  and their business has since tripled. Cornelius told P&C360, “Approximately 80% of our new business is written without ever actually seeing the customer.”

The following is an excerpt from an article covering ECI’s success on

“According to Google Analytics, ECI’s website sees between 700 and 1,000 visits in a 30-day period, with at least 2 out of 3 being new visitors. On average, most people visit 2.45 pages and spend more than 2.5 minutes on the site. In a given week, ECI receives between 20 and 30 legitimate quote requests from organic Web searches in personal lines, commercial lines, life and health. And the little old agency in Piedmont, Okla.—consisting of two producers and 9 total employees—has positioned itself as a leader in yard welders and construction program business, writing business in at least 7 states, a coup that Cornelius is convinced wouldn’t be possible without a solid webpage.”

Congratulations ECI on being voted Property&Casualty360’s Best Agency Website Winner!

If you are still wondering why SEO is important, just watch this video by Agency Revamp.

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