Bright ideas for social media

Bright ideas for social media

It’s hard to stay on top of social media when your days are full of prospecting, networking, preparing quotes, staying on top of renewals and following up. But social media is the boss when it comes to growing your connections online and showcasing your knowledge and experience so people know and trust you. These ideas will help you slow drip content out to your growing audience.

Since social media success is more about consistency than frequency, you don’t need to be active on every platform. Just pick a couple and stick with them. Mapping out a calendar and batching content ahead of time keeps you from having to think about what to post every week — it’s just ready to go, on-schedule.

8 kinds of content to bring you new business

1. Weather + climate related posts

Everyone loves odd weather newsbytes. Post about a storm on the way, find a photo of weird weather somewhere in the world or highlight a historical weather event. This also showcases the unpredictability of weather — which makes people consider their coverage!

2. Support for the local community

Show you care about your local community with announcements. Highlight a local business anniversary or a new store opening, post about the hard work of a local hospital, announce high school sports events or holiday celebrations. Tag the business or institution to get engagement.

3. Insurance word of the day

Break down hard-to-understand policy language into plain English. Pick a word a week. It’s a great service to customers and also lets you showcase your knowledge. You can make a quick video or just post the word and its definition.

4. Short videos

Some people love jumping on video, others shy away. But you don’t need do be a natural in front of the camera to shoot a quick video. The idea is to connect with your audience, show them who you are, smile. Prospects trust you more if they can see you. Discuss an insurance-related trend, give advice on risk management or interview a customer.

5. Infographics

People love to learn from visuals. You can grab infographics everywhere on the web. Pick topics that are relevant to your customer base — flood damage statistics, insurance types for each stage of life, information about data breaches worldwide. Don’t forget to ask a question in the comments section to inspire engagement.

6. Holiday posts

Wish them well with a holiday-related greeting, find an interesting tidbit on holidays around the world. You can get engagement on these posts by asking people how they’re spending the holidays or what they love about them.

7. Risk prevention tips

This is where you shine as a helpful and informative advisor. Post a bullet list or 3 quick tips on anything that might reduce customer risk and keep people out of harm’s way: workplace safety, risk management for homeowners or ways to reduce cyber liability.

8. Day-of-the-week themes

Creating a specific theme for a day of the week and hashtagging it adds spark to your accounts. Day-of-the-week themes keep people engaged regularly. Try #WednesdayWeather for your weather-related posts, #InsuranceTalkTuesdays for quick video discussion posts or #FridayFacts for infographics, bullet lists or tips.

If you are new to social media, keep in mind that engagement takes time. So don’t worry about keeping up with comments at first. If you are getting a lot of likes, comments and new followers — business may soon be booming.

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