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Dwelling Program

Our Dwelling Program allows insureds to pick and choose their coverage options and tailor them to their specific needs.  Coverage is applicable to occupied one- to four-family residential Dwellings.

Available Coverage includes, but is not limited to

  • Dwelling – Basic Form DP1
  • Dwelling – Special Form DP3
  • Personal Liability – Owner occupied
  • Premises Liability – Non-owner occupied.  Vacant, Seasonal or Builders Risk
  • Home Day Care – Owner occupied
  • Seasonal Dwellings – V&MM available on a submit basis
  • Dwellings under construction or undergoing renovations
  • Dwellings in the name of an Estate, Trust or Corporation
  • TIV up to $1MM (or higher with additional underwriting review)
  • Vacant Dwelling Program can include Premises Liability and contents up to 10 percent of Coverage A
  • Multiple locations can be scheduled to a single policy

MacNeill Group offers many comprehensive coverages.

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