We offer coverage for homes and personal property with our Homeowners Program. 

This program can be tailored to include coverage such as Property Damage, Theft, Windstorm Damage, Personal Liability and more.

Coverage Available

  • Forms available – HO-3, HO-4, HO-6 and HO-8
  • TIV up to $1MM (or higher with additional underwriting review)
  • Builders Risk/Course of Construction can be written on HO-3 form
  • Wind coverage available on High Valued Homes
  • Homes located in a PC-9 or 10
  • Extended Replacement Cost
  • Identity Fraud Expense
  • Loss Assessment
  • Water backup and sump discharge or overflow
  • Extended Liability coverage for rental properties or a secondary residence
  • Builders Risk/Course of Construction
  • Personal Injury

Specialized Risks

  • Prior losses
  • Prior declinations
  • Lower value homes in good condition
  • Higher value homes
  • New purchases
  • Homes in distressed markets

MacNeill Group offers many comprehensive coverages.

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